Hi, I’m Tim. Thanks for looking at my face.

In lieu of boring you with a lengthy biography, I’ll just list a few things about myself that might be of interest…

  • I was born and raised in Iowa. (Like Bob Dylan sang, “The country I come from is called the Midwest.”)
  • One year after I moved to Los Angeles from Chicago, my appendix ruptured. I almost died.
  • I worship John Cazale.

I look forward to helping you tell your story.


I’m working with Schkapf in Los Angeles, curating the bi-monthly Kino Kabinet film series & the upcoming Around The Teapot lecture series.

Schkapf is an incubation house for curious performances & other experiences. The word “Schkapf” is a nonsense word but it bears a close similarity to the Russian шкап which could be translated as a wardrobe, armoire, cupboard, or any variation on this theme. Located inside a former automotive garage and a machine shop for rifles, Schkapf is always transforming, evolving, changing, all the while remaining a gestation apparatus for new performance installments, a fairground for the new day polymaths, and a watering hole for poets and jesters.

Schkapf’s particular penchant might best be described as non-dramatic theatre.  We have a real relish for crafted experiences that mix and fuse oft-archaic forms of clown, bouffon, magic, and puppetry into various styles of presentation such as cabaret, farce, vaudeville, carnival, street parade, immersive theatre, a wedding or a wake.  Our curioisity is most piqued when a project disrupts or blows apart entirely the conventions of theatre with the use of other human canons: anthropology, architecture, physics, animation, cinema, folk traditions, poetry, etc.

Currently we are working on rolling out a whole set of programming, that includes education, residencies, development labs and performances.